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animal assisted therapy centre

What we do

Hello, friends! We are Centaur — first and only animal-assisted therapy center in Armenia. Our mission is to rescue, treat & train to treat: we help stray or unfairly treated animals recover from health issues and abuse, and they in turn help people overcome their physical and emotional issues.

We do Hippotherapy, Canine & Feline therapy. Centaur is home for 6 horses, 32 dogs, 4 cats and a turtle. Some of them are trained and participate in therapy with children, some undergo training, and others are looking for new owners or just live a normal  life in our non-kill shelter and animal sanctuary.


For whom

In the course of 10 years we’ve treated hundreds of children and adults with cerebral palsy, nerve system disorder, autism and so on by means of equine-assisted and dog-assisted therapy.
Therapy aside, every week we’re hosting people who want to participate in our projects, communicate with animals, or just retreat to the nature.

We also

  • rehome strays
  • provide pet-sitting services for dogs, cats and horses
  • make seminars on animal-treatment and pet-therapy
  • teach volunteers to work in sphere of animal welfare and assisted therapy
  • treat animals with disorders — particularly dogs with behavioural issues
  • train horses for therapy and horseback riding
  • AND train specialists in animal-assisted therapy so that they can contribute to making a change in therapeutic activities in Armenia or countries they belong to.

Why it is important

Unlike Western countries, Armenia hasn't seen much of public attention towards the problems of human-animal interaction. The atmosphere of mistreating and abusing domesticated animals has long prevailed in Armenian towns and villages where people keep animals to serve a certain purpose, and eventually get rid of them, sometimes in harsh and violent ways.

For 10 years Centaur has been fighting these relics of conservative parts of our society to create, nourish and harness the bond between people and animals, all for a purpose to grant a healthier and happier life for all people.

Join us

Centaur Centre is a well-established Non-profit Association known for its careful and caring approach towards people and animals alike. If you share same views as Centaur, join and support us on the way to the better future for all people.
I Am Centaur. Are you?