Our Activities

1. Horse-assisted therapy

2. Dog-assisted therapy

Alternative treatment and facilitation of physical & mental state of people with a wide range of conditions.

Furry therapists hurry to cuddle in your arms, while subtly relieving your stress & anxiety, working on your fine motor skills, giving you a sense of responsibility, teaching how to love and be loved by someone unconditionally.

3. Stray rescue

4. Animal rights Defence

We do what in our power to rescue stray or endangered animals from streets or  people who abuse them. Centaur shelter takes care of animals’ medical issues, adopts them out, pursues criminal prosecution for animal abusers, and trains dogs to be engaged in dog-assisted therapy. Yes, our “furrypists” are former strays!

There is no law against animal abuse in Armenia. The underlying aim of all our rescue and public activities is to make that law possible against the odds. We sincerely hope that one day it will come true!

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Animal-Assisted Therapy & Rescue Center

Centaur is a place where stray animals and those that are in danger are rescued and trained for animal-assisted therapy. The team at Centaur teaches them that humans are the friends, and for some it takes years — due to extremely bad experiences in the past. And vice-versa: the dogs of Centaur professionally treat cynophobia (fear of dogs) in both children and adults, and not just that.

Since 2008 we've been providing equine therapy (or hippotherapy) for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Within a few first hippotherapy sessions, the physical and mental condition of most people improve. Several years ago we started making dog therapy sessions as well, being the first to do so in Armenia, and now we want to scale up.

Therapeutic dogs help children with autism thrive by entering a relationship where they become naturally responsible for the well-being of their furry friend. They can treat fear of dogs, PTSD and other anxiety disorders. We want to work on reaching to more people than ever before and make the number of our beneficiaries grow.

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