7 hours ago


Meet Lotta, our new horse cleaning lady 😀 😀
P.S. Salma's face is just killing.

Լոթա, մեր նոր ձի մաքրողը 😀
Հ․Գ․ Սալմայի դեմքը սպանում է
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18 hours ago


🐾 With the great support of Orphans & Their Dogs

🍁three dogs spayed

🍁 8 bags of dry food obtained

🍁 one puppy vaccinated and dewormed
(and got happily adopted)

🍁Lalosh's blood test done

🍁Lalosh's ear's medicine bought
(which we don't have in Armenia)

🍁12 years old Dodo got fully checked
(he has cataract, but nothing we can do here 🙁 )

🍁 car that takes dogs to therapy fueled

Thank you for your support! ❤️🐕🐩💙💚
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1 day ago


Dog-assisted therapy with Orphans & Their Dogs ❤️

Mickey Muk: Dav, open your fingers and then pet me on the neck.
David: I can't. They are too strained.
Mickey Muk: Keep trying. I will wait as long as needed.

David (laughing happily): Did it!
Mickey Muk (smiling): I knew you're a champion!

As the author of the photos Fëdor Kornienko said the other day, MIckey Muk, it's an absolute privilege to work with you. ❤️🐾

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2 days ago


Pure Mongolian mutt lady Meda turns up her nose at pure Armenian mutt Arianur 😀 ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago


Another pet-friendly place in Yerevan discovered!
Crumbs The Bread Factory 👍👏
What are your fav places?

Եվս մեկ տեղ ենք հայտնաբերել Երևանում, ուր կարող եք գնալ ձեր կենդանիների հետ! ❤️
Էլի նման տեղ գիտեք, կիսվեք էստեղ!

Ardem Tutunjian Fëdor Kornienko

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Animal-Assisted Therapy & Rescue Center

Centaur is a place where stray animals and those that are in danger are rescued and trained for animal-assisted therapy. The team at Centaur teaches them that humans are the friends, and for some it takes years — due to extremely bad experiences in the past. And vice-versa: the dogs of Centaur professionally treat cynophobia (fear of dogs) in both children and adults, and not just that.

Since 2008 we've been providing equine therapy (or hippotherapy) for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Within a few first hippotherapy sessions, the physical and mental condition of most people improve. Several years ago we started making dog therapy sessions as well, being the first to do so in Armenia, and now we want to scale up.

Therapeutic dogs help children with autism thrive by entering a relationship where they become naturally responsible for the well-being of their furry friend. They can treat fear of dogs, PTSD and other anxiety disorders. We want to work on reaching to more people than ever before and make the number of our beneficiaries grow.

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Only your support ensures we can keep providing therapy to those who need it

The best way to help us is to become our Patron by subscribing to a monthly donation of your choice (can be cancelled anytime).

Credit cards and PayPal donations are accepted.

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