Centaur Animal-Assisted Therapy Center

We find stray or unfairly treated animals, help them recover from health problems and abuse, and train them so that they can help people overcome their physical and emotional issues.

Our Activities

Since 2008 we’ve treated hundreds of children and adults with cerebral palsy, nerve system disorder, autism and so on by means of hippotherapy and dog-assisted therapy.


Since 2022, Centaur animal-assisted therapy program has been discontinued. Our team’s focused effort solely on rescue and animal rehabilitation activities, plus palliative care. Please support years of dedicated work on our donation page, full list of requisites available on Notion.

Canine therapy

Animal rescue


I. Am. Centaur

Centaur is the first and only animal-assisted therapy center in Armenia.

We are rescuing stray animals, treat, rehabilitate and train them to become therapy animals for people with traumatic disorders, anxiety, depression, and so on.

We have been providing horse assisted therapy since 2008, and dog assisted therapy since 2010. Our therapy dogs visit orphanages, rehab and crisis centers in Armenia.

Centaur Animal Assisted Therapy Center is a nonprofit registered in the Republic of Armenia.

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Did you know?

Dog-assisted therapy boosts your self-esteem, empathy, communication and socialization skills, teaches responsibility, and provides with motivation for recovery from any trauma or health condition.

Dogs fight with the feeling of isolation, anxiety and loneliness, treat speech & emotional disorders, and depression.

Forget about boredom.

Patrons support animal rights defence and animal-assisted therapy activities in Armenia. You can become one by subscribing to a monthly donation of your choice (can be cancelled anytime).

Credit cards and PayPal contributions are accepted.

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